"Teaching is an art form through which a skilful teacher is able to inspire and empower their students. Having practiced yoga for nearly twenty years in London, I stumbled across Forrestyoga due to a back injury.  My unexpected love of and admiration for this yoga style comes primarily from the classes Kristi teaches – an honest and authentic practitioner who adeptly weaves personal experiences of her yoga journey into her classes.  Kristi’s teaching incorporates the creative, healing and intuitive intelligence I recognise as the inner foundations of the Forrest style.  Her teaching seems to be defined by the challenges she has faced in her own learning experiences, which she embodies as a teacher and shares with her students.  Not only is she filled with positive enthusiasm for yoga but she also guides her classes with clear, deep and individually refined instructions, enabling her students to experience their inner space and gain confident independence in their exploration of this yoga form.  She teaches with both a lack of competitive edginess and ego, focusing her attention on identifying ways in which to support her students to find an ease, peace and acceptance in attaining asana which nourishes and heals.  These, I believe, are rare, unique yetessential qualities to find in a yoga teacher and my experience of Kristi’s classes are that these qualities are abundantly alive. With a gentle power which is fun and youthful combined with a softness of touch, Kristi yoga classes are appealing to all ages and yoga backgrounds and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to deepen my own practice, and to heal a little,from her careful, skilled guidance through this deeply beneficial yoga style." - Stephanie, London 



"Private classes with Kristi are such a treat. I have been able to really improve my alignment under her guidance, which has allowed me to understand the subtleties of the individual postures. Kristi really takes the time to understand your body and what you want to get out of your practice - and she adapts her classes accordingly. I would really recommend trying a private class if you are looking to deepen your practice - it helps you better understand your body and correct mistakes you will have picked up along the way." - Charlotte, London 



"Kristi is an amazing & inspirational Forrest yoga teacher and I feel incredibly lucky to have her here in London. Wonderfully grounded, open and approachable, Kristi can effortlessly guides you through any sequence whilst simultaneously creating a nurturing and safe environment for you to release emotionally, physically and energetically.  Her nurturing and healing assists are incredibly supportive as is Kristi, both on and off the mat." - Anita, London 



"Kristi teaches with grace, humour and kindness. She takes her work extremely seriously but never fails to make you laugh. And you do need that chuckle when things get tough and hot and sweaty! The classes are always challenging, yet they are a sanctuary I look forward to immersing myself in every time I come. The focus is always on doing a few relatively straightforward things really well - with proper alignment and building up strength gradually, rather than bending yourself into the most complicated pretzel. In Kristi's classes you discover how the simplest asanas and sequences can challenge you on a physical, mental and emotional level. She is a very gifted teacher, and I am grateful to be learning so much from her." - Carina, London 



"When I travel into London and need a yoga fix, I always head to Kristi's class. After a long-haul flight and carrying the jetlag into class, I find I leave the class feeling quite refreshed - not without working hard and sweating it out on the mat! I always tend to sleep better that night! Thanks Kristi!"
- Yew Wei, Hong Kong



"Kristi is one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring yoga teachers I've had the chance to practice with in London. Kristi's wealth of experience, warmth, honesty and unpretentious way of sharing wisdom make each class a unique experience - allowing students to learn, feel, explore their mind, heart and body, understand themselves and grow as human beings. I particularly enjoy and admire Kristi's presence and energy - her ability to create and hold a safe space for her students, finding the right distance between supporting them and letting them evolve freely; a great balance between sharing original insights and enabling others to access their own truth naturally. Kristi's deep respect for her students and caring skillfulness in assisting them physically and emotionally on their journey are a real gift, allowing them to leave each class feeling valued, capable, nourished and healed. Kristi is a trusted teacher and authentic yogi for me, an inspiration to embrace my own path and help others walk theirs. " - Cecile, London 



"I recently returned from a Destination Yoga week in Umbria with my grown up daughter.  It was truly amazing – not only because of the beautiful location of the retreat, the great group people who were there too but particularly  because of our incredible yoga teacher  - Kristi.  

I have to admit I was a little bit sceptical about the whole concept of a week long yoga retreat but was really attracted  to the idea of going somewhere beautiful where I could distress and relax after a stressful few months at work.  And I have to say I really loved the yoga! and am sure this was a great deal to do with  Kristi  who is  a brilliant teacher -  calm, considered, patient and totally approachable.  My daughter and I were new to yoga but she managed the classes easily with all the ranges of experience.  She is wonderfully grounded, kind and very importantly has a great sense of humour!!  I am definitely returning for another of her courses in the future and cannot recommend her highly enough." - Ginny, London 



"I followed Kristi when she moved from the Light Centre to Triyoga, and also went on a retreat which she led well in Italy. Her classes are a balanced mix of structured breathing, stretching, tough abs and shoulder exercises, and relatively slow flows that enable you to hold poses. What marks Kristi out is her unfailing good humour and enthusiasm - there is always a laugh coming."- Michael, London 


"Kristi is a patient and inspirational teacher, her classes are alive with energy and enthusiasm, making you feel empowered. Her directions are clear and she spurs you on with encouragement and understanding showing you how to overcome your fears and grow within your practice. A class with Kristi is a treat for mind, body and soul."- Beany, London 



"I just want to wrap Kristi in my love and gratitude for the energy she brings to every class and every student. She is so authentic, grounded and down to earth whilst being deeply spiritual. In all her classes you can feel her depth and profound sensitivity, but she always mixes it beautifully with a good dose of humour, lightheartedness and not taking herself or anything too seriously. She carries her amazing expertise with heartwarming humility, and sincere compassion for and dedication to her students. Her passion and enthusiasm for the practice are infectious. She has taught me so much about the yoga practice, and about life. And in doing so has transformed both for me. I love her classes so much that I travel all across London to go to them, and she is definitely a main factor keeping me from moving away from the city. Seriously! I will never be able to convey with words all that she has given me in so many different ways over the last two years. Thank you thank you thank you." - Stefana, London