About Me


I first discovered yoga when I was working as a Youth Worker in my native country, New Zealand.  In 2003 I found myself pulled towards Asia with a longing for a sense of adventure, and so I traveled across waters from New Zealand to Hong Kong.  Initially I found myself teaching English to Chinese students of all ages until I happened upon a small non-profit organisation providing drug and health counselling within schools. I snapped up the opportunity to lead the international section of the organisation, and began to develop and deliver programmes for students’ teachers and parents within the international and local communities. 


The intensity of Hong Kong was a far cry from the sprawling green pastures and dinky little towns of New Zealand, and so it was in Hong Kong where I searched for refuge within yoga.


I was inspired to do my first yoga teacher training in the Anusara method in 2007 and from there began teaching full-time at PURE Yoga in Hong Kong. There I gathered a rich amount of experience teaching different styles of yoga through group classes, privates and workshops, and had the opportunity of working with teachers from all over the world.  

In 2010 I began weaving the Forrest Yoga method into my teaching after having a profound experience during the Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong. It broke me down, blew my mind, and completely changed the relationship I had with my own body. From there I saved up my pennies for the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training in Houston Texas the following year, and followed that with a year long Mentorship Programme in Soul, Korea, with Sinhee Ye.  

It was through this journey that I discovered the power, beauty and healing that was unfolding in my own life through the practice, and where I made the life changing decision to move to London after 9 years in Asia.  


In London, I taught classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe, and assisted my teacher Ana Forrest in workshops and trainings around the world.

After several years in London, I moved out to Hitchin, Hertfordshire keeping up my London schedule until I had my first daughter in 2017. Now a mamma of 2 little girls, most of my work is focused locally. I lead Teacher Mentorship Programmes, hold one-on-one mentoring sessions as well as yoga privates, and teach yoga classes locally too. Since having my daughters I have been involved in running movement and breathing sessions for mammas and mammas-to-be. Living far away from family, and bringing up these little ones in a pandemic I am acutely aware of the challenges Mothers face and am therefore building my work more in this direction.